Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Thoughts & Journalling For A Cause pages

I have been so tired and lazy these few days, that all I wanna do when I get home, is to bath and sleep. Plus, I was on duty for SYOG (Singapore Youth Olympic Games). Reported at 10am and only managed to reach home at 130am the next morning. I'm still trying to recover my sleep. Hee. That say, I felt proud to have been part of the first ever YOG (and it's happening in Singapore!), despite not being able to watch the entire opening ceremony live. The fireworks were spendid though, very stunning, so beautiful when they light up the sky. :)

I'm really very behind in my journalling. I've only managed to complete these pages in the past week. Hopefully, I'll catch up soon.

Prompt 12's about 'Today', and I attended a teachers' day dinner themed 'Hats'. It was so fun, getting to see the different kinds of hats the teachers came up with. I wore a tiny 'hat' hairclip because I wanted to keep it simple. It's almost similar to the black hat that has a blue ribbon that I drew above. :)

Prompt 13's about childhood dream! I cut up a wristband to decorate the page and added in a photo of myself when I was really young. I've always wanted to be a police officer. I may actually sign on when I graduate next year!

I decided to keep this page really simple. The 5 things that were laying around:
1. leftover scrap of felt that's shaped like a star
2. plastic bag from 'mini.bits'.
3. pamplet from church
4. golden elastic band
5. clear plastic cover that has came off a book


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