Thursday, 12 August 2010

10th Month!

Sayang and I celebrated our 10th month together today. Yes! 2 more months and we would have been together for a year. I can't wait for that day! Which reminds me, I have to start working on my surprise special album for him really soon. We visited Marina Bay Sands and I thought it was kinda boring. The shops are all high-end and don't interest me at all. The casino? Not interested either.

The worse part of the day was that Sayang and I had a small unhappy episode. I wanted to take his photo but he didn't want to let me take any, because he wasn't in a 'photo' mood. He's not a fan of photos anyway, but I had thought it's a special day and he would allow me to. Plus, I needed a photo for the special album! I can't tell him though, then there will be no surprise. So, we were both unhappy with each other.  Thank God we talked about it after awhile, apologised to each other for being not thoughtful enough and made up. I had to admit, he gave in more to me, than I did to him. Really, he's such a dear. I managed to take a few photos in the end. I won't show any of Sayang's photos on my blog or anywhere else because of some personal reasons. So it will always be just me. ;P

Oh! I finally fulfilled my wish of bowling together! My scores totally sucked though. Still, I'm happy! :)

I decided to act cute with a small braid. :P
I never did realise that my bowling pose's so ugly and unglamourous until today. So embarrassing~

A sweet shot to end the post. :)


  1. but wouldn't he know that you're surprising him, assuming he reads your blog? haha! XD

  2. congrats on your anniversary! that is a very cute little bowling outfit. :)

  3. Aw, so cute! Congrats :D

    The boy and I do the same thing (except we seem to "argue" that he doesn't smile in photos but, that's another story! lol) - and then it's all over. I'm sure he'll understand when he gets his surprise (and I'm sure he'll love it!) :)

    It looks like you two had a great time, though!

    xo! Ash


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