Monday, 2 August 2010

Journalling For A Cause - Prompt 3, 4 and 5

I'm finally feeling well enough to work on my journalling pages. I'm still behind though by few pages though. :(

My pages:

Prompt 3's about altering a repeat image. This was a hard one, took me rather long to finally get my inspiration. I decided to draw multiple images of circles on my page and then alter them into something different, using colour pens, colour pencils and a cut-out. Simple but fun page. :)

Prompt 4's defining what happiness means to me. I actually did something similar before, in my own sketchbook. Right now, Happiness means spending time together with my Sayang. :)

Prompt 6's "It's all in the details..." and I chose to do a page on making a difference. It's the small, simple gestures that people do, that may not mean much to anyone, but will mean the world to someone who needs it. I'm someone who's big on impacting lives, so this page kinda describes what I feel. :)

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