Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Journalling For A Cause - Prompt 1 & 2

'Journaling For A Cause' started yesterday! I'm so glad to be part of Janel's wonderful class once again. She's trying to raise funds through for an adoption because it's really expensive. Go check out her blog and see how you can help her in making it happen. :)

My pages: 

The first prompt's all about a welcome page, with five adjectives that describe my life. I chose to be more creative in this class and used magazine paper, washi tape, stickers and random cut-outs, on top of my usual doodling with pens to do up this page. My page ended up as 'Welcome to my filled with love, pooh-beary, optimistic, wacky, unique life'.

Prompt 2's about setting journal goals. This was much easier and I kept it simple.
My journal goals:
1) Work on the prompts, everyday
2) Embrace my work and be satisfied with it
3) Be creative and adventurous
4) Have fun and enjoy the process of journaling

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