Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Blessed By YOU

It's time for my 'BLESSED' journal pages again! I'm guessing that I will only blog about them once a week, for most of the time. :)

It's the first time that I managed to spend with Sayang after being sick for a few days! We wore the same colours without planning beforehand, read each other's minds continuously, satisfied my constant craving for sushi and bought myself a new pen. I felt really blessed that day. :)

Rhea smsed me everyday when I was sick, just to check if I was feeling better. Such a sweet girl~

Let me explain, I don't feel blessed by studying for exams, but instead, blessed by completing the whole process of studying for them, because I feel really accomplished and prepared for whatever questions that will come my way. :)

I finally got to meet up with the hockey girls! We had a good time catching up, laughing and being funny. I really miss them.

I gave the offering message for the FIRST TIME in Kids' Church and it went well! I didn't stutter much and the kids responded. Thank God for that! :D

It rained on Monday when I had to go volunteering at Northlight School and my aunt gave me a ride to and fro. I didn't have to spend a single cent on transport. Hehe.

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  1. These pages are so good!! You're a really gifted artist. It's nice to meet you!! I love that you helped in kids church. That's awesome and I'm sure they love you!! *smile*


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