Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I love fellowship & Marmaduke~

I watched 'Marmaduke' with Sayang today and boy, it was good! I love the storyline and of course, the dogs and a little cute kitten. The movie's hilarious and totally adorable with all the actions going on. If you love animals especially dogs, you should really catch 'Marmaduke'. :)

Then I went for lifegroup with the church ladies. It's my first time with them and amazingly, I felt really comfortable sharing with them, totally at ease. I think it helps that I already knew the leader, Dolly. We shared about managing finances and being faithful in giving to the Lord, was encouraged by the testimonies. God is really great and He blesses at the most unexpected moments. We also shared about each other, about our lives and relationships. It was nice being able to have christian fellowship again. I'm gonna try to join them every week for lifegroup, to grow in the Lord and provide support for each other. I'm so excited for this!  

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