Saturday, 15 May 2010

Heritage Wedding Gallery and Shopping...

Have you heard of the Heritage Wedding Gallery? It's newly opened and located at 38 North Canal Road (near Clark Quay Mrt). It's open to public only from Friday-Sunday and has an admission fee of $3. Though the place is rather small, the exhibition is relatively interesting, would be helpful to those who're getting married or wants to know more about traditional Chinese wedding. I went because I just love to visit musuems! :)

food to be consumed before the wedding night
(each food symbolises different things that are blessings for marriage)
meeting the fortune teller/monk before the actual wedding
(cannot remember what is it for. hee...)
roosters and towels
symbolic food and coins
grooming accessories for the bride
(the bride has to supposedly throw the 'fan' out of the car window when she gets in, after being received by the groom.)
more stuff for the bride (notice the comb? It's used to comb the bride's hair four times on the eve of the wedding night, to symbolise different blessings)
I'm guessing this is for the groom...
tea ceremony
for the newly wed :)
the sedan
(in olden days, the bride is brought to the groom's place and she has to stay inside the sedan until the groom comes to kick at entrance of the sedan before she can step out.)
Si Dian Jin
(in mandarin, meaning four different types of gold accessories presented to the bride by the groom's family)
traditional Chinese wedding customes for the bride

Hope you've got a better understanding of traditional Chinese wedding after this! :)

I went shopping after that and bought some goodies!:)

precious moments stickers and my first pair of knitting needles! :)
brown lacy belt
dress with star prints (i love stars!)

And I saw this pair of adorable oranges on a poster in the train station.!

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