Friday, 14 May 2010

Mint Museum of Toys..

I've always wanted to visit the Mint Museum of Toys ever since I've known its existence. I finally got my wish on my actual birthday! Whew~ it was fun! I love looking at the collections of toys, brought back lots of childhood memories. All the Popeyes' moments, the Tintin comics, childhood stories and so on so forth. I reeeallllyyy enjoyed myself. :)

classic tin containers
I'm guessing this is used by astronauts in outer space (I have no idea for what..fascinating)
Star Wars!
Dan Dare's pinball machine (I'm not sure who's Dan Dare though. Anyone?)
miniature bookstore :)
Tom & Jerry (I grew up watching the cartoon on long ago!)
Tintin! (my never-to-be-missed comic books whenever I visit the library)
Popeye & his spinach!
I find this rather amusing ;P
my fave! Winnie the Pooh tin :)
such a pretty japanese doll portrait!
a doll working on the sewing machine
local childhood games..brings back so much memories...
for the Beatles' fans...

There's lots more to be seen at the museum and I would really suggest you make a trip there if you're a fan of toys. It's awesome. :)

Lastly, another random drawing...

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