Tuesday, 18 May 2010

God Is Great!

Firstly, I will not be able to type this post with ease if not for the great divine of my Mighty God. :)

I was careless in performing a task just now and something happened which I was unable to account for initiately. After trying to recall my actions for a very long time, I finally was able to account for what I've took but it was still unable to solve the situation. It could be serious if something has really gone missing. Being stressed and worried, I prayed to God that everything will be alright tomorrow, that I'm gonna accept everything that He will give me tomorrow, and that I will leave it all in His good hands. Immediately after my prayer, I received a phonecall telling me that the situation is solved and that the other party was able to confirm my account. I felt much relief when I got off the phone. My God is Mighty and Just, He blesses at His right time. I had asked for a solution tomorrow but He gave it to me immediately. When we decide to leave it all in His good hands, then we've truly chose Him as our Lord. I really thank Him for this, for solving my situation so I can have a good night. Really, my God is Great! :)

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