Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Cute Buddies, Drawing and Scrapbooking :)

Introducing my cute buddies...

Mr. Pooh Bear attached with mini Pooh Bear and mini Piglet, Flower Pooh and Ugly Doll! They share half of my bed with me every night. :)
(Ugly Doll's a gift from my cousins for my birthday. PoohS and Friend's from my beloved Sayang.;D)

Tweety accompanies me most of the time when I'm out. She has a black dot for a nose that I drew on her with ink, so that she can breathe! She's wearing a pageant banner which reads ' FAIRY TALES ARE TRUE'. She's a beauty.:)
(Tweety's a Christmas gift from a friend)

I was thinking of mushrooms when I drew this house, like in 'The Smurfs'. :)

my first attempt at scrapbooking. about having a sweet tooth and remembering to brush after all the sweet snacks.
( I don't have a sweet tooth, just suddenly inspired to do this.)

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