Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Drawings I did over the years...

no idea how this image came about but the end result resembles someone I knew, scary.
I was thinking of potholes and tors when I drew this, so geographer. ;D
my love, HOCKEY! [baik = good (in malay)]
design I came up with, that is now incorporated onto one of my shirt. ;)
fashion look put together by me.
random portraits of people
look what hunger has done to me. hehe;P
I love babies! can't wait to have my own! ;D
paintings I did when I was in school.

Hope you enjoyed my drawings!


  1. Yes i enjoyed! WOW didn't know u so interested and talented in drawing! keep it up :)


  2. you drawings are very pretty! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog and it makes me smile that you think of me when you see pandas :) Your blog is sooo cute!! I hope we become blog friends!

  3. To BL: Thanks! Most of it are done when I'm really inspired to draw or when I'm trying to pass time. It's fun to draw! :)

    To Lindsay: Thanks for thinking well of my drawings and blog! I hope we can be friends too! :)


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