Sunday, 20 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya~! It's nice how the festive season of each and every race and religion in Singapore can affect everyone. I feel the vibe and joy of the celebrations, especially when I headed down to Geylang Serai yesterday, for the bazaar. I'm happy and glad for the holiday, as well as the unique Singapore that I'm living in. Truly blessed~
I received a sms from Fred this morning, thanking the set up crew for our effort and updating us on his condition. Though it took me awhile to decipher the message as all the words were linked up, I felt warmth after reading the sms, warmed by his desire to get well so he can come back to serve in the ministry with us, that he still thought of us during his most difficult period. I pray that God will heal him completely and continue to bless him well.
Thursday's the last day of my work. I have finally chose to leave my job due to my study commitments. A painful and tough decision to make. With three days left with the students, I feel a dreading sense of farewell, for I know I cannot bear to leave them. I think I will end up crying on the last day of work. I'm already so attached to them! I know though, it's something that I have to do because I have to focus on my studies and fulfil a greater dream. I will still love my kids though! :D

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