Saturday, 29 August 2009

I'm watching the recorded version of 'Singapore Idol'. This season's contestants are so young this time and I must admit, the females are much more outstanding as compared to previous seasons. This episode is so emotional to watch, got me teary-eyed at so many points. Charlene and how she's so in this for her mum, Kelly Mae on how she came all the way back to Singapore without her husband just for this, and how Gabriel was comforted by his brother when he was eliminated - the strong bond shared between the brothers, how they cried along with each other. All these, really reminds me of how important family and friends are, not only there to laugh along with you, but also, to cry along with you, to lend you a shoulder to cry on. I sound so emo now..:P

I can't wait for HIM to appear before me, I'm gonna wait faithfully though, God has His own plans and His own perfect time. :)

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