Saturday, 26 September 2009

Last night, I dreamt of my kids from the childcare. We were at a chalet and I wanted to take photos with all of them. In it, I was carrying Zi Ying, one of the younger girls, when she spoke in clear sentences to me. She said, ' You lied to me, you didn't come the next day.' She can't speak properly now, for your info. At that moment, tears welled up in my eyes and I felt such pain and guilt within me, that I couldn't answer her, except to hug her. I think it's beginning to sink in, that I've left the place, and I'm starting to miss them greatly. All their faces, their voices, their every gestures are so vivid in my mind. Thinking back, how when I first joined as a teacher, Zi Ying was just trying to adjust to her new environment, crying every morning, to how she's now, turning back to smile at me each time I enter the place. How Jayden mispronounces my name and how he's so adorable with all his antics, to how he's experiencing mood swings, crying these few mornings and telling me that he wants to go home, he wants daddy. How Ashford would always ask me lots of questions and I would correct his english, how his feet would kick against mine during storytelling. I could go on forever...I really miss them a lot...

I really thank God for this wonderful experience and I'm thankful that I may be able to return to help the kids with their concert preparation. I hope that my days there had been meaningful, that I had helped to nurture God's children, to be great individuals in future, a wonderful next generation....

It's painful to leave, but I rejoice in the fact that I may have somehow made a difference in their lives. :)

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