Sunday, 2 August 2009

So, I've been very busy with work, volunteering and all that. I'm loving my job, learning a lot, like how to change a soiled diapers, washing the fans and all that stuff. I'm totally on my road to motherhood. Hahaha! Well, I think I'm already loving all my kids, I miss them when I don't go to work. Haha. Not all of them, I suppose, but I already have got favourites! :)

Anyway, just got back from BBQ with the set-up crew. I feel so blessed to be serving in the same ministry as them. It was a nice cosy dinner and I had a great time, getting to know more about each individual. It was good bonding time. You know, each time I feel like I can't carry on serving in the ministry, I will be reminded of all of them, how I've slowly opened up to them and hanging out together, even more so now. I know that I can't leave the ministry without feeling a loss. So yeah, I'm gonna keep doing this, for God's glory and for our friendship.;D

I also managed to catch up with MIN today! We went to catch 'Fighting' tonight and had a nice chat. There was a sense of warmth in that meeting, and I like how we can hang out together as friends, chatting freely, without worrying about anything. I feel really blessed to have him as a friend. Of course, it would have been better if Khalis can make it today. BUT, I'm not complaining!

A great day...great company, great movie (I MEAN CHANNING TATUM!), great food...Totally blessed! :D

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