Tuesday, 14 July 2009

It's my second day at work today! I'm enjoying what I do, for the kids are sooooo ADORABLE! They're so fun to be with and once a kid starts talking to me about his family, the others will start too. I will be hearing a lot of " Teacher Stephanie, you know my brother is from...." (another butts in), "Teacher Stephanie, my sister is also..." and more butts in with their own stories...so absolutely irresistable! Yesterday, I saw this little boy (he's one of my favourite!) trying to hold another girl's hand when they were sitting down for story-telling. The girl tried to resist but he kept trying to hold her hand. At that moment, I was like..awww..so sweeet ;) AND today, I saw this other boy opening his arms and moving forward, in an attempt to hug the boy from yesterday. Another awww..so sweeet moment. Gosh, I love these kids! :)

OH OH! I learnt how to bath them yesterday, alongside with checking their diapers. Today, I did a little changing of diapers, reading of storybooks and also, wiping their buttocks after they're done with their business. Hehe, I'm kinda worried that I didn't clean them well. Oops. Anyhow, I'm so looking-forward to see them tomorrow! :D

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