Friday, 13 March 2009

And so, finally, I've tendered my resignation, after months of complaining and praying and thinking. Took me so long to pluck up the courage to enter Keith's (my boss) office to hand him the letter. All I managed to say was, " Sorry." "Eh. I will serve the one month notice". He was totally expressionless, I couldn't make out what he was thinking. I hope he's taking it well and will not give me hell during my last one month of working here. I don't know if it's a right choice, but I know I'll be happier when I'm outta here. At least, I know I won't regret this decision.

I wonder what's going on right now. Everyone's around me is turning into a nerd. They're frantically studying, every moment of the day. Rachel's always doing her readings, and I'm so amazed by her discipline, far away in Australia, alone, and yet she can force herself to study. Emilia (my cousin), has been studying hard too. That's even more scary. She's studying day and night, to the extent of not being able to sleep. Exams' not till April for her. No clubbing, partying this week, just studying. It's like as if she's a nerd. Hahaha. If you know her, you will totally understand why I feel this way. I feel guilty after looking at both of them, and I know that I'm supposed to study hard too. Come to think about it, I've never spent days studying non-stop. I will usually rush through everything, just the day before any exams and then after that, dump everything aside. I think I spent more time sleeping during the day than studying for anything. No, correct that, it's DEFINITELY, not think. Hahaha. Oops. I should really start reading through my textbooks already. I'm gonna have exams for both VSC and school in April!

Ivan's in the office now. He's the dude who shares the same office as my boss. He's his own boss. I watched as he passed by my room just now, and thought, "Oh man, I'm really gonna miss this guy when I leave.". All his funny and crazy ringtones, shouting, teasing and all. He's a really nice chap, an uncle to be exact. (He's turning 41 but so doesn't look that, and acts like a total boy!). He doesn't know about my resignation. 10 April's my last day!

Random thought...I am thinking of boots right now. I want a pair!

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