Monday, 16 March 2009

I don't understand why it seems like you're throwing a temper. Maybe you had a bad day, or something bad happened to you. All I did was just try to tell you that it's not always the case, it depends on who you meet. I'm finding it hard to talk to you. Everyday, I'm struggling to love you as a person, to think good thoughts about you. I find it hard to comprehend you, and I wonder why you're still here. You criticise my country, you talk about my people like as if you don't care that I'm one of them. You find it so tough to stay in this country, you're so sick and tired of this place because you don't have good relationships with people. The ultimate for TODAY was when you said "you all asians...don't understand how foreigners feel...". Hello~ aren't you asian too? It's not that we don't understand how foreigners feel, it's just that we don't understand how foreigners LIKE YOU feel. You think it's right for our government to pay for your studies but selfish of us to bond you for a few years. Haven't you heard of "there's no free lunch."? I'm so tired of trying to scold myself, whenever I get irritated with your remarks, tired of feeling like a hypocrite, smiling at you, keeping mum when I obviously feel like shooting back at all your remarks about us. I don't want to talk about this because we can go on all day and God knows what sort of sharp comments I will retort you with. When that happens, oh no, you would think that we're crazy, that we're unreasonable. Tell me, if you dislike this country and her people so much, why are you still here? Pay for your bond and leave this place. Save yourself the unhappiness, the self-pitying and PLEASE, let the angel and devil in my head rest. They're exhausted from trying to outdo each other. Also, take time to think about why you're feeling this way. Haven't you thought of the fact that your personality may be the key issue? Pray for enlightment. please. I'm glad I'm leaving this office, and YES, that means I'm glad I'm leaving you behind too...

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