Sunday, 8 March 2009

Today is 'Go Green Day' for the VSC, and so we went to Hort's Park for a nature walk. Woo! I didn't know that Singapore has so many jungles and it was quite cool walking on the steel bridge, from one place to another. The imaginative me had to think about what will happen to us if the bridge will to break apart in the middle of our walk. Will we fall into the jungle below? Will I be able to cling on to any pole? Will I survive? Yeah, that kinda questions. I mean, it's kinda interesting to just picture that scene and wonder what will happen next. Hee.:)

The mentioned bridge (connector)

Secretly snapped a shot of two dogs, only to find out they belong to one of my Sirs. They're so adorable!
The turnout for our squad today, with our Range instructor. :)
Then, I went jalan jalan with Liana, from Bugis to Far East, to Peninsula. I had wanted to get my brother his present, but I can't find the shop at Far East plaza! I think it closed down or something. In the end, I got myself a bag from Peninsula, for only 15 bucks. So cheap! Anyway, we had a nice chat along the way. We actually have quite a lot of things in common, and she's easy to talk to. I'm glad I decided to join her for shopping instead of going home to sleep. :D

My nice new bag. I chose it cos it's the only design that is found in only 1 shop, instead of the rest, which are found in every shop. Hope no one else has the same bag as me. Well, at least I hope I won't bump into them on the street.

I came home, to discover that Wan Hsin and Yimin are studying at Siglap and so, I went over to join them for dinner. Haven't met them for quite a while. Had nice sandwich at Coffee Club and then off to Katong side for Yimin's job interview. Didn't manage to spend enough quality time with them. Hope to do so next time, SOON!

Yimin, enjoying her baked rice

Notice the difference in our size of bread? Hahaha!
Trying to fit everyone into the photo, at the bus stop.
I played hockey yesterday! Not very satisfied with my own performance but I got to meet Shida! Yay! Finally! I miss you, Green Dino! Though we didn't spend a lot of time together, but I had fun. I want to meet the FATSSS again!
Then it was dinner at Plaza Singapura with Aditya and the Indian scholars, Sritam and Pratik. Rather interesting to catch up and get to know more about the boys. I'm glad the two of them are settling well in Singapore and our education system. Oh! Aditya sent me home after that. I'm quite amazed by him, I must say, for he was such a gentleman, offering to come to get me when I reached Plaza Singapura (I was late due to hockey), when he could have just asked me to go and find them. Great, I'm learning more about people each day and I'm happy for myself.:)
I had a fruitful weekend! Satisfied!

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