Sunday, 15 February 2009

' Slumdog Millionaire' is an awesome movie! I'm so glad I got to watch it! Now, I wish I can visit India one day. The movie gave me insights into the lives of Indians, their culture and their lifestyles. Often, we would look at India and think of it as a third world country and criticise how unsafe it is, citing examples of foreigners being robbed or cheated on a holiday there. After watching 'Slumdog Millionaire', I began to empathise with the kids in India, understanding that sometimes, their actions are done out of situations. I'm not saying that they're doing the right thing or that the whole of India is like that. I'm just saying that maybe, we should stand in their shoes and think of their situation before we criticise or stereotype anybody. I like the idea of how Jamal became a millionaire, because it is written, and not because he cheated. God loves everyone equally and who says only the rich have intelligence? That's only the arrogant and cocky thinking of some snobs, who think that money makes the world goes round. Ignorant fellows, I must say. Truly, 'Slumdog Millionaire' is a movie worth watching, it triggers off thoughts, made you feel happy you've watched it. I love such movies! Definitely not like other movies, where you walked out of the cinema, thinking you could have spent the time doing something else instead.

I think Ayush who acted as youngest Jamal is so adorable!!!!:D

I have a dream, to travel around the world, to help people, to impact their lives in one way or another. :)

I dreamt that Amin ignored me because he was unhappy that I disturbed him during SDI days, when I thought he didn't mind. He barely talked to me, yet chose to talk to someone that I didn't really like. I was so upset, I cried, in the dream..haha. I woke up and texted him about it. Haha. He assured me that it's just a silly dream. Hee. I miss my SDI gang once again.:)

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