Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Wow...I've not updated for so long! I didn't even know my blogskin is so gone. Haha. So, I've changed it to a much simpler and plain one. :)

Hmm. I think I've forgotten how to blog now, a bit rusty. Oh! There's something I want to say though. I'm done with reading Pastor Larry's book - " I never asked to be a pastor's kid " ! It's an awesome read. I feel so inspired after reading it, so amazed with what God has done in Pastor's life, and how he has faithfully followed God's plan to carry out his duties. Thank God he listened to the holy spirit, or else I wouldn't have found my spiritual family. I want to be a faithful child of God, with senseless faith, just believing in Him to guide me in my path, to do His will.

Last week, I failed my shooting test. I was so sad that I almost cried on the spot. I held in my tears, because I didn't want to cry in front of my squadmates. Plus, how can someone who wants to be a POLICE OFFICER cries just because she failed a test?! I was devestated, I have never failed anything in my training so far, and I daresay that I've been doing well. So, naturally, my ego was bruisd. However, I was immediately reminded of the book and I began to let go, realising that God has a reason for what He does. I began to thank God for letting me fail, for allowing this failed attempt to humble me. I trust that if it's meant to be, it's will happen. I was filled with peace after that. I was no longer sad. At the same time, one of my squadmate was telling us about her PDT, how she has gone for so many tests, yet she is still called back to retrain. She felt quite bad about it. Again, I start to realise that my situation's not that bad after all. I failed only once, but she has spent a few months retraining, but still has yet to clear the PDT test. Of course, I'm not trying to use her example to make myself feel better, but I felt that was a slap in my face, to make me stop complaining and wallow in my own misery.

A lesson learnt. :)

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