Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Spent my entire saturday with two lovely weirdos. Been such a long time! Went jalan jalan at the Hari Raya Bazaar, then was cheated into attending Khalis' NCC Officer's birthday, poor Min & me. Hazimah fell into the trap too. Haha. The birthday boy was actually blind-folded and made to perform many hilarious tasks at BUGIS JUNCTION, all on camera. Can't stop laughing. Min, be prepared for your 21st birthday, you can trust Khalis & me to make it soooo unforgettable. :P

Time for Photos!

Look at Min's stoned face
Min's stressed face (between two cute peeps. *shameless*)
Min looking so gangsterish. tsk tsk tsk

The ladies. (i was distracted.heez)

Camwhore Khalis #1

Camwhore Khalis #2

*blurriness is caused by Min's shaky hands. haiz..*

My beloved weirdos. Don't they look so cute??
A fun and fulfilling day, it was. Khalis & Min finally gave me my verrryyy belated birthday presentS. So sweet. A bag stuffed with other small small things. Gosh. I'm totally flooded by Macs' Sesame Street stuffed toys. I wonder how many kiddy meals Khalis ate, to get that amount! Haha. I love my presentS. Thank you so much! I'm already missing both of them, looking forward to the next meeting. :)
I feel blessed...

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