Thursday, 18 September 2008

I thought my office room is too dusty, causing me all the rash and itch, so I decided to clean it. My table was the first. Bit by bit, I'm gonna clean the room everyday. Haha. It will become dust free soon (i hope.:p)

I cut my own fringe again. Now I look like what they called "toot". Don't laugh. Grrr..

Been reading celebrities' blogs. Quite interesting.I thought Norfasarie and Baihakki are so sweet together and to each other. Whereas, Nat Ho's like a small boy. Blah Blah Blah. This is what you get when Steph's too bored and has nothing to do in the office.

This may sound crazy, but after reading Norfasarie and Baihakki's blog, looking at too many cute babies on the street, I want to get married and have babies! Haha. Early maternal instincts..:P

Should get changed and go for VSC training now. It's Police Defensive Tactics (PDT)'s time!

Random thoughts, random blog entry.

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