Saturday, 13 September 2008

Finally, I found the right opportunity and gathered the courage to tell Sam Sir that I want to spar next year, for the experience. He agreed. Of course, it's never that easy. He made me lead the senior belts in running and that was extremely tiring. For those who think that leading is easy cos' you can determine your own speed, think twice. It doesn't always happen that way, not when your Sir is running beside you and pushing you to run faster. In additional, it was my first time running with the mouth guard and groin guard (yes, girls need it too.:S), long time since I ran with all the other guards too. Believe me, you will already feel like you're suffocating before running, with all that on your body. I took it as a challenge though, an opportunity that I'm provided with. Though I was overtaken in the end, it doesn't matter. At least I tried. Sparring was a blank. I knew I improved but definitely, there's still more to be brushed up on. Start preparing for next year!:D

I'm gonna meet my weirdo gang tomorrow! Can't wait. Miss the both of them.:)

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