Monday, 16 June 2008

Yesterday, Uncle invited me to his adik's "pre-wedding ceremony" (Boyanese style, as he emphasised). My first ever Malay wedding ceremony, was quite an eye-opener. :)
These pretty lights could actually be placed up there, amazing...

The whole setting is so beautiful...perfect...

Managed to get a shot of Amin's tulang before he gobbled it down..;P

Other than those, I was really tickled by how Uncle's family resembles him. Little Arfan (his son), his adiks (younger sis & bro) and his father, they looked like they came out from the same mould (well, actually they did ;p). It's like seeing mini Uncle, feminine Uncle, Uncle 10 years ago and Uncle 20 years down the road. Haha..yeah, I get fascinated by this kinda thing. :D

It was great catching up with the dudes, after so long (well, not really that long, but still..!). Should have chosen to take photos of them too. Now, I'm regretting not doing that. Great company, great atmosphere..what more can I ask for..

I feel so blessed~

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