Sunday, 6 April 2008

Taekwondo grading was well..kinda funny.. I actually did an extra pattern due to a miscommunication between the helping instructor and me. My sparring wasn't fantastic but I knew I improved. Right now, I can only pray hard to pass. Peeps, please pray along with me. I would really appreciate that.:D

It was dinner at Whitesands' Swensens, to celebrate Min's birthday. That guy, can be so corny at times. Khalis' patience was tested when she had to sit alone with him while waiting for my arrival. Haha. Despite that, we can't help cracking up at his irritating statements and cartoon actions...:P

The birthday boy

Khalis' caught in the act.:p

totally unaware of each other's facial expressions.('^_^)

Spending time with these two wacky fellow's really enjoyable. Guess this will probably be the last time for 3 of us, for a very long time as our Monkey Min's gonna enlist on friday. He's turning into the botak guy..can't wait to see that...haha..I bet Khalis' thinking of the same thing too..we're seriously a queer combination, but I'm loving it.:D

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