Monday, 31 March 2008

Introducing the adorable kids from Montfort Sec...

The toothpaste squeezers and retreivers: JunYang & Samuel

The garbage kids who were brave enough to walk the whole journey in their outfit (claps*)

Never thought anyone can stand the smell of the rubbish chute? well, the boys did..and they built this tower inside..:D

The boys, with their new-found friend.

I had such an enjoyable time today, with this bunch of playful boys. They were a handful at first, but they were subdued by seriously, I'm so proud of them, even though they didn't win the race. They are so amusing and adorable. JunYang just cracks me up. Guess what that boy told his friends about me..? " cher bought a big bowl of food but HE only ate 3 mouths..waste food! So...what's the moral of the story..ONLY EAT 3 MOUTHS!" haha.. It's so difficult to get angry with them...however, I really hope they learnt something today, other than to tease me..:P

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