Thursday, 1 May 2008

Okay..what have I been so busy with that I'm not even updating?'s actually cos I'm kinda exhausted and lazy too. I failed my grading again. Gonna go again in July. This is so only consolation is that God will provide in due time...

On a happier note...we celebrated shyidas' birthdays!

#Shyida no 1

The pretty birthday girl with her lookalike syi-fa-st (which is already dead, according to her)

Trying to get a nice shot while getting our heads into the small area. As usual...:P

#Shyida no 2
She had no idea where we're bringing her to...(her tongue's coincidentally out too.:P)
We found an adorable relative of ah meng enjoying his food.:D
Finally, she found her counterpart..notice they're in the same colour (it's supposed to be brown for shida though..)

The month of April passed just like that..I'm so thankful for these girls..they can make life so happening..:D
Btw, internship at Trybe is so much fun and interesting..I'm seriously learning a lot..:P

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