Saturday, 8 March 2008

It was a good week for me, catching up with friends.:D


Met up with Uncle and Jackson to watch the Home United vs Gombak United match at Bishan Stadium. The final score : 3-3. It was fun, my first time watching a S League game. BUT...Lionel Lewis wasn't there! Disappointed. Btw, I think I saw Hariss Harun there too. After that, it was dinner at Boon Keng. I miss eating there with the SDI peeps. It was really nice talking to them again, especially Uncle. Hahaz. We're gonna meet up again next week, hopefully, for dinner at Hans River. Can't wait!:)


It was supposed to be a girls' day out for Khalis and me. Then, I was told that Min's coming along. Then, it turned out that G and Azfar joined us too. It's seriously the weirdest combination. We watched 'Fool's Gold'. I enjoyed the show, even got me thinking about history, like how interesting it is. Though the date wasn't what I had expected, but it's rather enjoyable. Besides, I got to catch up with Khalis too. Not too bad..:D

Then, I met up with Annalyn for dinner at Sakae Sushi. It was nice catching up with her. She's always so encouraging and trusting. Plus, she has so much faith. We even share the same views. Well, almost all. Haha. I'm just so glad that I've the chance to meet her. Thank God for this friend...:D


Had lunch with Wan Hsin and Yimin. Can't believe that we're still keeping in touch after 2 years, meeting up almost every now and then. I'm so thankful that they're always willing to make the effort to meet up. Anyway, we ended up looking for jobs, going for interviews. It wasn't all pleasant and we turned down all the jobs eventually. Haha. It's funny how the day turned out.

Dinner's at Airport with Sam and Shi Yun. We finally get to meet up! Though it was a short dinner, but I liked the way we feel so comfortable around each other. I'm so glad we met up in the end.:D

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