Saturday, 8 March 2008


I've got my results today. I'm an all-rounder, have got all the passing grades, from A-E. Haha. Ms Kon said I'm borderline. So I can still try for both NUS and NTU. Hopefully, my GP can pull me up. Anyway, I thank God for everything and of course, I'll eventually leave everything to Him. If it's according to Him, it will be. It's much more comforting to think of it that way, especially since I know everything will fall into place in the end. :)

Anyway, as I was buying my dinner, this guy around our age came along. As I was standing there, I listened to the way he was trying to get his order across to the stallholder in his broken Mandarin, with a mixture of Hokkien and English. That was then I realised how retarded we sound with our distorted Mandarin, especially when we can't pronounce most phrases properly. No offence to that guy, but I seriously think we should reflect and change that mindset about not wanting to learn Mandarin properly just because we think we sound more sophiscated speaking English. I can understand if it's required of us, or it's because of our family background. But definitely, I disapprove of the fact that we should hate Mandarin and not think of it as important, because it's after all, our mother tongue. The difference's there. Wow. What a realisation for me today. Interesting...

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