Friday, 15 February 2008

Work was interesting today. I went to the Civil Defence Academy(CDA) with one of the paramedic and saw how musical CPR is done. I didn't know that they do put up performances of musical CPR to the public, just to educate them. It's rather fascinating, seeing how the paramedics practise and try to synchronise their movements so that they'll look neat as a whole. Then, another officer brought me around the place, to take a look at the facilities. She also told me about the trainings and all. Too bad, I couldn't see any of the trainings being carried out cos apparently, friday's the clean-up/slacker day. Hopefully, I can go back to visit again. Anyway, I got a ride in the ambulance, around CDA only ah, but better than nothing. At least, I get to take a ride without having to have been involved in an accident or some sort beforehand. Hahaz. I'm so thankful things are looking brighter.:D

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