Thursday, 14 February 2008

I think my work's gonna get better. I went to BRTC (Basic Rescue Training Centre) for a visit and to Prison HQ to attend a meeting. It's kinda interesting, to know more about counselling and all. That said, it's still not exactly what I want to learn from SCDF. Anyway, I had a talk with my boss and he understood how i feel. The Director talked to me before that and he realised I was sorta placed in the 'wrong' team. He's super duper nice, unlike some other rude and obnoxious high-ranking officer that I met. So, my Director talked to my boss and they're looking into things that they can teach me and expose me to, more about the groundwork. I'm so so glad that all the officers that I work with are so kind and understanding, open to feedback. Hahaz. My boss said he was waiting for me to speak up. Oh! There's this nice female civilian officer who's slighter older than me. She's very easy-going, very willing to share about her thoughts and orientating me around. Both of them gave me chocolates today, for vday. Hahaz. I just hope that at the end of this two months of internship, I can gain an invaluable experience and would have had enjoyed my time there. :)

Btw, Happy Valentine's Day!

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