Wednesday, 20 February 2008


Only a few people turned up for the hockey BBQ. But it was homely and warm. Don't mention anything about the was mostly badly burnt or uncooked. Hahaz. We didn't even know how to start the fire. Luckily, there was the SUPERMAN+MR MANGKUK+BAYI+++ to help us. Hahaz. free labour...;p. The girls had fun taking photos, as usual, especially the must have jumping shots. hahaz.:D

Syida, with her forever merepek's face. Hahaz

Now, Shida, the one with the sexy hair, is preparing the food. :D

Here's the labourer who's enjoying his marshmellow, even before the proper BBQ started. Tsk tsk tsk...

Hana, always ready with a pose.

The final turn-out for our batch..we miss the rest..
Now...let's proceed to the jumping shots...:P

They sure look scarily like vampires. It really cracked us up.

So that's it, hockey outings always end with jumping shots. By the way, Khalis was there too. Just that she left early, didn't manage to catch her in any of the shots. Rather, I meant decent ones. :P

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