Sunday, 24 February 2008

Oh well, it was a rough week for me. Work was up with all the visits to fire station,heritage gallary and CDA, but then it went down with all the mention of transferring and ceasing of the internship. So yeah, my internship at SCDF officially ended after friday. As much as I liked my officers and learnt plenty of new things, I think I'm glad to leave. But I still feel sore about what happened and all. I mean, it was so sudden and I was really taken aback. The only comfort I get is that God allowed everything to happen for a reason. I won't regret the internship for if I was given a choice and had to choose all over again, I would still go for the internship. Only when I experience something, then I will truly know how it feels like. Right now, I think I just need time to get over this entire thing and hopefully, get a closure soon.

On a happier note, I went to Youth Retreat during the weekend. As expected, I never did regret going there. It was really nice getting to meet up with everyone again, just enjoying each other's company. The best part of it all was that we get to go for service together, straight from the chalet. I'm early for service, for the very first time. Hahaz.

By the way, Pastor Larry prayed for me during the retreat and I'm really encouraged by what God has in plan for me, what He has promised me. I just feel so blessed and amazed by how He speaks to me at the most unexpected time.

" Quiet confidence;

Even though you may have gone through seasons of trials and testings, may even feel loneliness at times, God is in Control;

There are angels encamped around you; God is protecting you;

He's gonna put you in groups;

You'll be able to pull individuals aside and minister to them;

You have the Gift/Heart of Counsel;

You're gonna be a blessing and encouragement to women;

Hurting women & young girls will come to you for hope and refreshment. "

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