Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Horrifying Experience at ABSOLUTE THAI!

So, after hearing my cousin raved about Absolute Thai @ Century Square, I decided to try the outlet at Marina Bay Link Mall. After all, I was craving for thai food, after Rach posted yummy photos on her blog! After a long walk from Marina Bay station, we finally located Absolute Thai, starving and all. We quickly sat down and ordered a Thai Mango Salad, Minced Chicken with Hot Basil Leaves and Tom Yum Soup, all of which are their signature dishes.

Thai Mango Salad
Minced Chicken with Hot Basil Leaves
Tom Yum Soup

Looks yummy right? Absolutely WRONG! Halfway through the meal, I discovered two floating insects in the Tom Yum Soup! Totally disgusted, I beckoned for the waitress to present her my shocking discovery. I chose to cancel the order, instead of having another fresh bowl of Tom Yum soup. Once is enough. Then minutes later, I was appalled to discover another insect, crawling at the edge of my plate! Ewwww!!! I was so freaked out that we decided to call for the bill after complaining once more. I rather be hungry than eat food that's unclean.

To add on to my misery, my flats were giving me trouble, so much so that I can't walk properly. Despite that, we ended up taking a long walk to Raffles City to get me a pair of cheap flip-flops. The walk was fulfilling though, as I discovered many places that I had not realised exist before. We had fun exploring and taking funny pictures along the way. Sometimes, a twist can change things for the better. :)

 a shot of my shadow :)
my new flip-flops!
(Pooh floral top - gifted from Thailand, jeans - China, ultra painful flats - Melissa for Novo)

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