Saturday, 2 April 2011

Exploring Bedok Point & Sakae Sushi!

So this week, I was able to drag Sayang along to explore the newly opened Bedok Point. Sad to say, it was not a satisfying experience, except for our Kbox Session. The mini mall consists of more restaurants than any other shops.

We had lunch at Sushi Tei, and to my dismay, the salmon was not fresh. That was the first bad meal. Then later, we had dinner at Chicken Hotpot. We ordered a small chicken pot, and when we dug in, we realised that there were more chicken bones than chicken meat. The food tasted just alright as well. Needless to say, there's not going to be a second time dining in at the restaurant. Thank God the day ended well with yummy bubble tea from Essential, at Bedok Central. :)

Outfit for the Day:
(top - Giordano, grey skinny jeans - Peninsula Plaza, belt - Bugis Street, flower-shaped earring - Thai bazaar)

Then today, we had sushi buffet for dinner at Sakae Sushi! I'm a huge fan of Japanese food, especially sushi. :) Sayang had some serious craving for mochi today. Initially, he gotten 4 pieces off the conveyor belt and decided that he really liked them. We ordered another 4 pieces, only to discover that they were not included in the buffet, after waiting for more than half an hour. Poor Sayang, he was so disappointed. He was really lucky though, to have gotten the first 4 pieces for free. The complimentary ice-cream for the buffet was enough to satisfy him in the end. :)

Outfit for the Day:
(cardigan - Taiwan, tube dress with cherry prints - Bugis Street, two-way belt - gifted from China, feathered earring - Bugis Street, dangling star earring - gifted)

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