Thursday, 10 February 2011

Chinese New Year!

I know I've been missing for really long and I predict that it may happen quite often in future. I've decided to only blog when I'm able to, instead of really frequent because it actually takes up a lot of my time and I end up not doing my assignments (which are more important tasks). Hehe. ;P

Anyway, it's Chinese New Year, and that means new clothes, visiting and LOTSA red packets! In fact, I've already collected up to $300. :D

On the First Day of New Year...
All Smiley with my younger brother. :D
My new sushi ring
(it survived for less than 2 hours. My aunt pressed too hard and it came off. Thank God I managed to glue it back.)
My brother giving me the evil eye. :S
Family Portrait.
(What I wore: pink dress with mandarin collar - Haji Lane)

On the Second Day of New Year...
Posing as Rabbits with the shyidas
(What I wore: lace romper - Missypixie, Top - Cotton On)

On the Third Day of New Year...
Merepek Gang
(What I wore: floral dress - StudioFrost, lacy belt - City Plaza, grey tights - Uniqlo)

I only managed to take photos up till the third day of Chinese New Year. For those who don't know, Chinese New Year actually consists of fifteen days so the entire period's meant for visiting relatives and friends. It's the Year of the Rabbit now, which explains why there's many Bugs Bunny look-alike pasted around the house. :)

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  1. Well, happy Chinese New Year! :D It sounds really fun and I love that dress you're wearing in your family portrait!

    xo! Ash


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