Saturday, 12 February 2011

16th Month!

Today marks the 16th Month that Sayang and I have been together! :)

We spent the day exploring the new shopping centre at Serangoon, NEX. Guess what we found?

A Dog Park at the roof of the mall!

There's also a cafe that allows dogs to roam about while their owners are dining in. They serve food for dogs too. We're already thinking of bringing Twinkle (Sayang's dog) there soon!

Winnie the Pooh hair accessories!

I've been looking for them for the longest time, got some for my baby niece and myself. :)

I'm totally in the fashion mood these days.

(What I wore: black shirt - Giordano, skirt with star prints - blogshop, belt - mum's, charm bracelet - gifted from hong kong)

I'm a happy happy girl today. :D

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