Friday, 3 December 2010

Jermaine's Wedding!

My cousin's wedding happened over the weekend. I had to be at her house at 5:30am in the morning (lack of sleep!) but it was fun, being a bridesmaid for the first time. :)

The beautiful bride. She looks like a barbie doll, so pretty!

Adorable teddybear mascots on the bridal car!

Hello Kitty polariod shot taken at the groom's house, while waiting for the auspicious time to finally be able to leave the house. We were there from 9am-11am, just waiting and eating!

Taking a shot with my brother. Don't we look so alike?

My goofy cousins and my brother. :P

the cousins :)

My mum (on the left) with her twin. I almost couldn't differentiate between them when I arrived from the groom's house because my mum had a haircut after I left in the morning, to that similar to my aunt. Scary!

 I like the effects of this photo, made me feel like an angel. Love the dress. :)

Our get-up for the night. :)

I was so exhausted when the wedding ended, arrived home only after midnight. It was a good experience though, really fun. I didn't manage to get much shots of my cousin, sadly. She looked really beautiful that day, so blissed. :)

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