Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My First Hens Night Experience

was my cousin's and at Marina Bay Sands Hotel! She happened to be having her birthday the next day so we celebrated it together with her when the clock struck midnight. :)

Toasting with champagne! Mine's just for picture sake, I don't really drink. Well, actually, I did take a sip, after which I immediately got my water to drain away the taste. Too bitter for my liking. 

Photo with the birthday girl and bride-to-be. (Isn't the Barbie cake so lovely?)

Group photo with all the ladies.

It was quite an experience and I had fun. I can't wait for the wedding 2 weeks from now, just to see how they're going to carry out the games to 'torture' the groom and his buddies before he can get his bride.
Will update with the wedding happenings! :)

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