Sunday, 5 September 2010

Happy Weekend! :)

I'm finally back to blog again! The past week has been rather hectic, with me having another stomach upset and preparing for an exam. I foresee the weeks and months ahead to be even busier, with more assignments and exams to prepare for. That said, I still had a great weekend!

Firstly, after a long search, I finally found the perfect present for someone special! I'm gonna prepare my letter and mail it out soon! :)

Then I attended Wan Hsin's 21st Birthday party. I made her a birthday card and we got her $60 worth of Starbucks voucher! I hope that will make her a very happy birthday girl, considering the kind of Starbucks' fan she is.

I found some neoprints that we took a few years back and put some other random stuff together, to create her birthday card. It feels good to still be able to come up with something after so long. My brother thinks I do art like a primary school kid though. 

With the birthday girl. :)
Her theme was stripes and I chose something really simple to go along with. You're wondering why she's not in stripes? That's part of her plan, so that she will stand out. Really sly huh? ;P

My doorgift. She's such a sweetie, coming up with this, writing notes for each and every one of her friends who's gonna turn up. I love the star-shaped cookie! :)

To end the perfect weekend, I went for the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run this morning, in support for the prison inmates' second lease of life. I did the 6km run with Sayang. However, it was raining and I had stitches, coupled with gastric pain, so we ended up only running 2km or so, and walked the rest of it. It was great fun though. I felt really blessed, just holding hands with Sayang, laughing at his random jokes, on the way. It's almost like a dream come true. To top it off, the run ended with Milo vans on standby! I love Milo! :D 

Our race tags. The finisher medal was shaped like a key, symbolising the unlocking of the second prison. It's a really neat idea. :)

How was your weekend? I hope it was great for you too! :)


  1. Good to hear you had a great weekend eventhough you're busy lately :)

    Great gifts!

  2. I like the film strip that you drew. Very cute!

  3. hey i love the finisher medal for Yellow Ribbon Run,so cool! :D and thanks for your encouragement on my blog,'s just tt i've been thinking abt it for the past few weeks,so irritating! :(

  4. oh my goodness I got my panda tissue box cover and the second i saw it I squealed!! It's so perfect!!!!I love love love love it sooo much!!! Thank you!!! I'll be writing you back soon :) You made my day!!! No, my week!!! <3


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