Thursday, 5 August 2010

What Makes Me Happy :)

Receiving this super duper cute deer penpal letter in the mail!

Receiving my charms from the Charm Swap! (I thought they went missing!)
can you guess which is mine? Bingo! It's Winnie the Pooh again! ;P 

Taking random shots in the mall!

Working on my 'Journalling For A Cause' pages!

P.S. I'm still having a slight flu and bad cough. I can't wait to recover so I can eat all the goodies again! :(


  1. I am so happy you got your letter!!! I absolutely adore your journal pages and those charms are toooo cute!!

  2. Saw your email this morning - I'm really, REALLY happy you did get them! haha WHEW! :D xo!

  3. Cute letter! Adorable charms.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Btw: Ive gotten a google translater on my blog :)


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