Saturday, 28 August 2010

We Females Deserve Respect TOO!

Warning: Don't read on if you're not interested in my feminist views, especially if you're a male. Mean comments are NOT appreciated.

I happened to be stuck with some obnoxious guys while on duty yesterday. I can still take it if they are not as hardworking, or that they are full of complaints. However, I cannot stand the fact that they spent majority of the day gawking at girls. That itself, is still bearable. What is absolutely intolerable's the fact that they were rude and disrespectful with their comments, among themselves. They were classifying the passing ladies according to their boob sizes, making comments like "That lady was really not bad!". I shall not elaborate on how they commented on the sizes. Besides, I didn't want to remember what they said. One guy even had the cheek to try to get to know a lady from another organisation. Of course, she was too busy carrying out her duty to actually bother with him. I thought the guys were really idiotic and disrespectful, especially when I was around them, even if I was standing a distance away. Mind you, I can still hear them, loud and clear.

If you're a guy and you're reading this, which is really unlikely, then there's some facts about women that I will like you to get into your head:

1. We do NOT appreciate you talking about our female counterparts in our presence. IT'S REALLY DISRESPECTFUL.
2. Do NOT rank/categorise us according to any parts of our body. We're not objects! We're a whole! How would you like us to rank you guys according to your height, weight or a CERTAIN part of your body?
3. We do not feel appreciated, more loved when you discuss about our body or looks, we prefer someone who will see us for who we are, not solely on our appearances.
4. PLEASE take a look in the mirror before you dare to criticise anyone of us. You are not exactly Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise. For the good-looking dudes, no, we still don't think it's justifiable to discuss about us, just because.
5. Remember the above and be warned. Don't blame us if we turn evil when you don't follow them. *ROARS!*

That's about it. It took quite a bit of me, to not actually snap at them. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate men. In fact, I love my Sayang! Plus, I do think there's nice and respectful guys around, and I give them credit. It's just that I can't stand obnoxious and idiotic men like those mentioned above. END OF RANT. Thanks for bearing with me if you're still reading this. :)

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  1. Amen, sista! I always hated working with guys who had no respect for any girl in their presence. I'm not easily offended, but I suppose I'm just more old-fashioned. Guys like that make me appreciate the boyfriend so, so much more!

    xo! Ash


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