Friday, 25 June 2010

Journal Pages 10, 11 & 12

So I've realised that I've not been blogging as frequent as before. That's just because I'm busy catching up with...'GLEE'! I know I'm a bit late to only discover it now but it's totally addictive. I love all the songs they've performed! I may get that 'GLEE' soundtrack soon!

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So now, on to my journal pages...

Journal Prompt 10: This prompt is all about collections. I am such a collector. I have too many collections but I love them all. I am definitely the type who moves on though to new collection depending on my mood and the seasons in my life. What do you collect? If anything. Do you collect buttons, clothes, shoes, friends, parking tickets, whatever!! Illustrate your collections. This will be fun to look back on someday and see how your collections have grown or have moved on :)

I'm not that much of a collector now that I'm a little tight on finances. Occasionally, I give in to temptations of Pooh stuff and stationery though. I'm trying to work on my needs instead of wants for the time being. There will be a time when I can spend again, hopefully! :)

Journal Prompt 11: Hello friends. Today is another one of my favorite pages. And speaking of favorites, this is a page all about your faves!!
We are going to list your favorites in each of these four categories:
* TV shows

* Music

* Food

* Splurges

Journal Prompt 12: Journal 12 is all about trends. Whether you consider yourself "trendy" or not, I bet there are a few trends that you find yourself gravitating to. If not, you can create a page of trends that you think are lame too, it's up to you :)

Over the years, I've came to understand that I don't have to follow trends, especially not blindly. If I feel comfortable and happy with what I'm wearing, then I'll naturally be confident of myself. Of course, there will be moments when I feel bad about myself but hey! I'm gonna push that away and start working on being secured in who I am. I encourage you to do that too, you'll learn to love yourself more! :D

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  1. Glee's great right? sometimes i feel that they do more justice to the songs than the originals themselves,haha!


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