Friday, 18 June 2010

Henna Tattoos!!! :)

Finally did my henna tattoos! I'm loving them so much! Sayang doesn't think much of it because of the colour but he still brought me to get it anyway. He's gonna have to get used to it, I love henna!

I requested for stars to be incorporated into the design and I love how it turned out. Funny story though, I have a friend who gets goose pimples just looking at henna. She can't look at my hands properly now, much less touch them. I didn't know such a thing can exists~

What are your thoughts on henna tattoos? For it? or against it?
Love to know how you feel! :)


  1. I really love all the henna tattoo's patterns!
    And your hands are very beautiful!

  2. I copied this pattern with texta. XD Doesn't look as nice as yours, but gives me a chance to avoid studies. Lol! Thanks!


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