Saturday, 19 June 2010

Colour Challenge : Purple

I had a hard time trying to capture purple initially because the purples I saw were what others wore. I do not have the courage to walk up to them to ask for a photo to be taken. Thank God I managed to see more lovely purples as the day went by. :)

railings of a bridge at the playground. :)

cut-out star outside a kindergarten (love stars!)

YOG board (Yay! Go Singapore!)

beautiful fallen flower on the pavement. :)

my floral bangle!

this is the way I brush my hair, brush my hair, brush my hair.
this is the way I brush my hair, so early in the morning~

classic eeyore print on my Pooh&Friends bedsheet. (I know, it's Pooh/Friends again~)

hippo cushion on the sofa!

one and only girly bow headband, makes me feel so pretty when I'm wearing it. :)

orchids, our national flower

Wow, I sure have got lots of purples today! Tomorrow's the last day! Aww~ Sad cos' I'm loving this challenge! :D

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  1. I know, purples were kinda hard for me too! I'm shy when it comes to taking pictures out in public much less asking to take someone's picture!



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