Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Officially 21!

Birthday celebration on Saturday was really awesome! I enjoyed myself thoroughly, basking in the happy ambience that my big family and friends created. I received lots of wonderful gifts, felt like a princess despite the little hiccup (there wasn't a big enough and halal freezer to store my birthday cake! so worried it will melt. Thank God it didn't.).

with the lovely Granny
(Yes, I had a Winnie the Pooh ice cream cake, was yummy!)
with Daddy, Mummy and my younger brother
(Don't we look so alike?)
the paternal family
the maternal family
shots with lovely friends and cousins :)
and I've got these from my sayang!!! so happy! I've already made my first sticker! can't wait to start knitting!
(have got LOTSA presents that I really adore, too many photos to be shown here though)

Thanks all for the wonderful celebration and gifts! I feel so blessed! :)


  1. Happy Birthday! Your pictures looked like you had such a fun time!

    Your cake reminds me of the cakes my mother used to buy me when I was growing up... with the almonds on the sides :) yum!

  2. Hey thanks! The cake was indeed yummy! Thanks to my bf who found it. :)


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