Friday, 7 May 2010

I wish I can join Happy Mail...

Today, I spoke to my sayang about Happy Mail and he doesn't seem too keen about it. He thinks it's risky, with all the online scams and impersonation. He wants to look through the blogs properly before giving me the greenlight. He's protective like that. It's a good thing. :)

I really wish I can join Happy Mail though!

Something random... I saw a foreign couple on the bus today and the husband kept changing seats, probably to get good shots on his camcorder. I was rather amused, especially since his wife had to constantly change seats along with him.

P.S. My sayang was surprised by my card! I think he likes it! ;D


  1. Oh it sucks that you have to complete a survey. Otherwise a nice idea. I'm sure I've seen similar things that are genuine and where you don't have to do anything other than write letters! If I see one again I'll keep you in mind and let you know. :D

  2. wow finally you posted! actually i've handmade stuff for my mom before but not sure if she's tired of that alr,haha...

  3. To Kelly: Thanks for visiting my blog! Actually, survey's fine, just the stranger part that my bf's concerned about. Oh well, just keep me updated then! :)

    To Shiyun: I don't think she'll get tired of it! :D


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