Saturday, 4 July 2009

Hi! I thought I would not update anything anymore because I'm too lazy and rusty to blog. However, as I was reading blogs today, I felt a desire within me, a desire to update, to share about my recent happenings, to let people who cares know what's going on in my life. So here I am, back again, on my first entry in months. :)

1) I've already passed out from training, officially a PDT instructor at Tracom now! I'm enjoying new found relationships with my fellow instructors, getting to know them better and just, having fun! In addition, I'm gonna have my first PDT demo this weekend, so nervous. I hope I won't disgrace the whole of PDT Tracom (VSC). Hee

My bruised hand, after numerous practices for the demo. (I look like I've been abused. Haha)

2) I've got myself a new job at a Media Production company, which requires me to work 3 times a week, doing telemarketing. It's kinda annoying though, that I have to call people throughout the day, especially when I'm the sort who don't enjoy talking on the phone. I went out with them for a shoot though. It was really fun and interesting. :)
I'm considering quitting because I'm trying to squeeze in more modules and complete my course earlier. See how it goes.

3) I rode on a bike for the first time in my life. My parents will definitely kill me if they find out! My earring actually came off when I removed the helmet. It's my Winnie the Pooh white gold earring! (Yes, my mum will kill me if I can't find it). Thank God, the other party searched the floor and found my earring. BUT...the back of the earring can't be found. I said nevermind cos' I felt bad, having someone else dirtying his hands to comb the floor for just the back of the earring. We parted ways and guess what, he actually went back to search for the back of my earring after a few hours (he had something on to do in the nearby area). I was so surprised when I read his sms, telling me he went back to search for it, but sorry, it still can't be found! I would be lying if I say my heart didn't melt a little at that point of time. I mean, he's so sweeet~ It's totally like a drama show where the main guy would go back to search for something the girl has dropped. That said, we're not romantically-related and would never be. So, peeps, stop all that funny ideas in your head. Haha:P

I think this is the end of my first entry in months, a little too rusty. Hee. :)


My birthday present! I'm gonna fill it up with lotsa books! Yipee!

My brother's new hairstyle. We look so totally alike..scary!

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