Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A few days' back, I received a friend request from Facebook, from my primary school crush! What a pleasant surprise! It's nice to know he still remembers me. I remembered telling my best friend that I had a crush on him and SHE had to tell the whole world. Obviously, he came to know about it and ignored me for an entire year. That was miserable...
Anyhow, we've been sending messages through Facebook since then. It's kinda cool to be updated on each other's life. :)

I'm not exactly in the best of health right now..my nose's kinda blocked, sore muscles partly due to PDT demo and I'm feeling so drowsy and lethargic. Went to work but came back after an hour cos I really wasn't in the right mood to do anything. I'm still deciding if I wanna go tomorrow..hmmm..

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